Protective Style Challenge: Week 42; Petal Puff


Something I haven’t done a lot of this year are roll tuck and pin (RTP) styles. In fact I can only think of one RTP this month.

The truth is I have a sort of innate, probably irrational, fear of this type of style because my hair is quite thick and I either need to have my hair at full stretch to achieve a neat RTP or use an inordinate quantity of pins.


A couple of weeks ago someone touched the roots of my hair and exclaimed at how thick it was, how in their words it was similar to theirs. They wondered how I managed my hair when they had such a hard time with theirs. It occurred to me that although I’ve documented many hairstyles but haven’t often done them from an almost shrunken state so that you guys can really appreciate how successfully thick hair can be tamed.

This week I started with freshly moisturised, quite tightly curled hair.

I put my hair in a top puff to start the style.


I stretched out sections of hair within the puff by pulling it clockwise across my finger. fold it in place and pin it down. Its a little difficult to describe but really easy once you’ve had a look at the pictures.




The style forms a sort of petal shape.




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