Hairspiration: Lebo Mashile

Lebogang Mashile, who goes by Lebo, was actually born in the USA because her parents had been exiled from South Africa. Although primarily a poet, this woman has also made a name for herself as an actress, presenter, producer and life skills facilitator extraordinaire. Oh and lest I forget, Lebo starred in the motion picture Hotel Rwanda. She has won numerous awards as a South African artist and graced many a magazine’s front page. This week’s hairspiration is SA’s own Lebo Mashile!

And a poem from the poet…
Safe Place

I will keep you in a safe place
Where the walls speak
And the doors don’t have locks
Where the roads intersect
And collisions are encouraged
Where each throbbing tremor
Is listened to
And the children never grow old

I will keep you in a safe place
Where heaven is beneath your feet
And hell is in the sky
And the road you’ve walked
Is your guide
The sweat on your back
The cracks on your heels
Are plastered to the walls

The walls never shut up
They speak you to yourself
They will find you
Between two covers
In the words between the lines
I am loving this headwrap/head tie action. Doesn’t she look fantastic!
These days Lebo has been keeping her hair short. Here’s a picture from her twitter account.
For more on Lebo visit here.
And according to this screengrab is….


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