PHC in Pictures: 4 Thread Nouveau and Thread-out

Yet another interesting hairstyle. I told my mother that I wanted to have thread done and she said that it was too traditional and people wouldn’t take me seriously (for my work) and so she sent me off to the hairdresser and told her (said hairdresser) to do this particular style, which was a new take on thread and had recently been made popular by a few Nollywood actresses (whose pictures of similar hairstyles I did not once see!).

Note the mess– I was packing up to travel and remembered to take pictures of the hair at the last minute- my bad!!
The hairstyle itself was pretty interesting. It was unique and different, got me a couple stares and requests as to where and how it had been done. The base of my hair had been threaded tightly with extensions (obviously) and then the thread was loosely done with gaps in the hair, at the end of the rather long extensions, the thread was pulled and the extensions became these tightly formed screws (spirals?) and then the ends were tightly threaded again and then threaded together into not quite a up-do but a well-held together hairstyle. I have got to be honest, every individual spiral hurt like hell and had me regularly popping Ibuprofen for 3 straight days. I took me over 4 nights to figure out how to sleep comfortably with those things on my head. Also when I climbed okada (read: used motorcycle public transportation) in Lagos, I could not fit the helmet over my head and instead just had to lodge it onto my head as far down as it would go and pray that I would not need the helmet for any reason. On a side note, upon losing the hairstyle, the next time I got on okada (with just my hair), as the driver zoomed off, the helmet I was wearing promptly fell off my head and made me the laughing stock of the market place. I just can’t win.
I was rather pleasantly pleased with the resulting hairstyle and wave it put in my hair when I took the thread out.

I kept the thread for a week and half. I know the picture above isn’t great but its the best of the thread-out and features my darling aunt!

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