About ZedHair

Welcome to ‘ZedHair’ — one of Africa’s PIONEERING websites/blogs on natural hair and is for anyone who would like to learn more about caring for and styling natural hair.
ZedHair is about sharing information with others that is useful and applicable to our African context. The web is full of some fantastic resources written by Africans (mainly women) from all over the world, but some things just don’t apply to us here. This is especially evident when you look at the products that are available as well as the skills and experience of our hairdressing personnel.
This is NOT a nappy hair mafia site. We are not anti-relaxing one’s hair. Although we may think it is not the healthiest way to treat one’s body, we respect that for some people, that is the way they have chosen to go.
As of November 2012, ZedHair is mainly written by Zambians (with a bit of Nigerian blood thrown into the mix), but is for any woman or man of African descent, and especially one who is living in Africa.
You can read more about the ZedHair contributors below. Each of us has our own blog somewhere else on the internet that you can also read. But, we have pooled our hair writing into one place. Each of our hair journeys is also documented on this site.
Masuka M.
You can read more about Masuka here. Please also take time to visit her blog, Say It Loud, Say It Clear.
You can read more about MissBwalya here. Please also take time to visit her blog, Seize The Moment.
You can read more about iNky here.
Mwila Agatha Zaza
You can read more about Mwila here. Please also take time to visit her blog, Every Woman For Himself.
You can read more about Sibongile here. Please also take time to visit her YouTube channel, ZedianChicChannel.
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