Protective Style Challenge: Week 45; Rolled-up Do


This month I decided to try and conquer the roll tuck and pin and have done a couple such styles. Both of the styles I’ve tried have been relatively simple to achieve because they haven’t involved attempting to style my hair all at once. Tying the hair into a puff first sort of helps to reduce the thickness which is what I find daunting.


This week I’ve jumped in at the deep end and tried to see if a neatish RTP can be achieved without having to stretch my hair too much. Its not as smooth as I would like and it took a couple of attempts to actually get the hair to stay in place but on the plus side it doesn’t involve any plaiting so its really low manipulation.


I started by sectioning my hair in two with a wide U shape at the front making the partings at the temples. I then rolled from the nape of my neck upwards. I did not place any pins in the roll until it was all done up; partly because I’m not dextrous enough but also because I thought this would be the best way to achieve a seamless roll. I finished off the roll by pinning the end to the middle of the front section.


Next, I parted the front section into two and rolled them clockwise before pinning at the temples.


If you’ve been following the challenge so far you know that I like big hair and usually have a messy pompadour so this is a very different look for me and it took some getting used to but I do like the shape.



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