Protective Style Challenge: Week 43; Hats


This has been one of those weeks. We’re working on new ZedHair products and there’s just been a lot on. Sometimes hair isn’t at the top of your priority list and bunning is your favourite activity.

I really didn’t want to miss a week of the challenge so I thought I’d demonstrate a couple of ways that I wear hats. Its really sunny in Lusaka so hats are the perfect accessory.

I’ve had other accessory weeks for silky and cottony scarves.

Remember the Lupita Bun? I basically did a version of that and put the cap over it.


I love trilby’s but its notoriously hard to get an afro under them. I left a U shaped fringe in the front and pinned it to the side creating a pompadour. The rest of the hair was plaited into a chikuti and placed under the hat.


I placed my hair into a sleek low bun and placed it under the cap.


This big sun hat is also disguising a low bun.


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