Hair Growth Challenge 2016


Hey guys!

You know that meme going around about how 2016 starts in February for some?! I’m one of those people. I spent much of January still in a sort of holiday mode. In my last blog post I spoke about a new challenge that I was gong to embark on and I’m finally getting started.

Last year was about demonstrating styles, this year is all about length.


I’m dividing the year into 4 quarters and will do different things each quarter to try and retain length. I want to see which of these methods works best. I’ve never really had length goals, I just tend to try and enjoy my hair but this year I will measure, record and share my length retention 4 times.

1st Quarter January to March


I will stick to my regimen which includes a selection of ZedHair products.

This will be my control. I won’t be doing anything different from usual. I will keep my hair healthy, practice my usual low manipulation and won’t go out of my way to retain length. This quarter will set the standard for how effective the methods used in the next 3 quarters are.

2nd Quarter April to June


During this quarter I’m going to do something I’ve never tried before, pills! I haven’t yet decided what kind but it’ll probably be a standard Hair, Skin and Nails brand or something a little more targeted like Biotin. I’ll also continue to do everything I did in the first quarter.

3rd Quarter July to September


I love challenges but I also like healthy hair so during these dry months I will be keeping my hair in protective styles. This time time will be a little different from last year as I will only do long term protective styles. I haven’t used extensions for a couple of years but I may just do that during this quarter. The idea is that when you keep your hands out of your hair it is less likely to break. I’m going to test this and not only check for length but also health. Will I end up with split ends that need to be trimmed and negate any growth?

4th Quarter October to December

If you’ve followed ZedHair for a while you’ll know that we advocate a holistic approach to haircare, this means we don’t really believe that miracle products can work without the right technique and regimen. I’m going to test this during the last quarter and use a miracle growth oil mixture to stimulate those follicles.

I had to blow dry my hair for this blog post and I was the worst customer any hairdresser could ever have. It was the first time I’d gone to a salon or used heat in over 2 years and I was really nervous that I’d get heat damage. I will not be subjecting myself (or any hairdresser) to that torture and will instead simply stretch my hair to measure the length with my measuring tape throughout the year. I will only do length checks at the end of every quarter.


At the beginning of every quarter I will share my length and regimen so that anyone who wants to, can join in. Look out for this quarters regimen in my next blog post.

Now we can start 2016!

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