ZedHair Workshops Are Going International!

ZedHair is about to cross the border with our first natural hair event of 2016.


One of the best things about being natural is the support from the natural hair community, both online and in person. This is the reason we have the ZedHair Forum Facebook support group (and many other groups), and also why we have workshops and events from time to time. Many naturals get products when they travel to other countries for work or to visit friends and family. In some instances, apart from sharing a border, we even share a common language or dialect enabling us to communicate with ease. We get emails from other African countries quite often, usually it’s request to sell/stock our products,  join our contributing writers team, or else it’s just to touch base with sisters in the region and talk about being natural on the African continent. Little did we know that in this email they actually wanted us to hold one of our workshops there. So it is with great excitement that we announce our first natural hair workshop outside of Zambia — and it’s in Botswana. We were humbled to be asked and are deeply honoured to work with our friends at NHBots to organise what we think will be an amazing event.

ZedHair products will be on sale

ZedHair products will be on sale

There will be a variety of ZedHair products on sale at the event. This includes natural oils and butters, DIY recipe cards, Chiswita and of course, some ZedHair tshirts. There will also be other awesome activities taking place, including a Zumba session, so come in your workout clothes.

The person with the best hairstyle of the day will win this ZedHair hamper

The person with the best hairstyle of the day will win this ZedHair hamper

We will also be giving out some special awards and prizes to various lucky naturals. If you would like to attend this event, please contact Hair Mart on 3909200 or 71667292. You can also join the event on Facebook here.



One response to “ZedHair Workshops Are Going International!

  1. This is wonderful! Hopefully you guys come to South Africa, Im a Zambian living in South Africa and would really love to support this and get a hold of some of these products. All the best!


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