Protective Style Challenge: Week 28; Corporate Roll


I’m often asked to demonstrate hairstyles that are appropriate for the workplace or “professional”. In fact during this very challenge I was implored to try more styles that would be suitable for even the most conservative of offices. I get a little confused by these requests because I feel as though it suggests that natural hair is inherently unprofessional.

How can hair be unprofessional? Yes, hair needs to be neat and tidy but how can we attribute what is essentially a human trait to our hair?


Some of the hairstyles I’ve worn during my challenge this year.

I believe that many of the hairstyles that I have worn so far during this challenge are workplace friendly but just to appease the office workers here is one that is unarguably work appropriate. I even wore a smart jacket to prove it!


This is a style that always features when I have mini twists installed. I did it during my second year as a natural head and the only significant difference in how I styled it then and now is the number of pins involved in making sure it looks put together.

It’s basically the same as the very first style I did during the challenge except that, instead of flat twisting, I’m rolling the hair.

Last weeks hairstyle.

Week one hairstyle was the Flat Twist Halo

I divide my hair into two sections, aligning the parting with my left eyebrow so that one side is bigger than the other. I then literally roll the hair from the parting all the way down to the bottom of my head, picking up extra hair as I go along. I use a bobby pin to secure the end of the roll and do the same with the other section of hair.


As I said, if you have shorter hair than mine you can still achieve this style but you might need to add more pins to the body of the roll to make the style last.

These twists probably have two more weeks left in them.


What do you think of the idea that hair can be deemed unprofessional? What kind of natural hair styles have you worn in the office?

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