Protective Style Challenge: Week 27; Half and half mini twists


I’m really enjoying having my mini twists in. I keep getting asked if they can be unravelled. Its a little like having sisterlocs without the commitment.

This week I’ve decided to just switch it up a little and create one of those “half up, half down” hairstyles that are so popular at the moment.


I haven’t washed my hair since I installed the twists but have moisturised by spritzing, applying leave in conditioner and sealing with Shea butter.

You may have noticed that my twists seem a bit shorter than last week. This is because I baggyed mid week (spritzed my hair with water and covered it under a plastic cap for a bit). Sometimes I like shrinkage because it creates volume.

This style was achieved by parting the front of the hair into a U shape and then pinning the ends of the twists in that section down to create a pompadour.


I rolled each side up clockwise and pinned the ends down.



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