Protective Style Challenge: Week 25; Chunky Bantu Knots


This week I’m wearing Bantu Knots. They are always seen as quintessentially African but the truth is, I’ve only really noticed them in West African movies, Nollywood to be precise. In Zambia we tend to favour braids or cornrows. Bantu Knots are primarily used for setting hair as they create a really nice spiral curl but I quite like to wear them as a style too. I did mine on freshly washed stretched that was sealed with Shea Butter.

To create a Bantu Knot you basically twist the hair until it gets too taught and starts to turn on itself then you twirl the hair around the base and tuck the end in to secure it.

One of the scarf tutorials I did last week illustrate how to create a Bantu knot really well.



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