Bumps and Natural Hair: Pregnancy Regimen

By Chiteu of http://www.bellamufazi.tumblr.com

Phew where to begin!!! The last 12 months have been quite a whirlwind from having major surgery on my foot to finding out I was pregnant a month later, suffering first trimester blues, losing my dad, picking up the pieces, adapting to a new normal and the birth of my daughter.

Being in a cast for 8 weeks and battling first trimester blues *which resulted in my losing 7kgs* called for a new regimen that could accommodate my new life. Wash days became not only few and far between but a nightmare as I had to make sure the cast didn’t get wet and ensure that my head wasn’t down for too long which would result in dizziness and me hugging the toilet bowl.

In a desperate bid to still care for my hair I sent out an SOS to Sibongile of Zedian Naturals asking her how she coped with her hair during her pregnancies. It turns out she was one of the lucky few that had smooth sailing in the first trimester but she gave me a few pointers nonetheless.

Her first piece of advice was that she lived in two strand twists. That way you can stay out of your hair and simply maintain them with a spritz and TRY to wash once a week. At this point I was not washing my hair weekly anyway so this was great news for me. It meant that I could do my twists, maintain them with a spritz, ACV swab once a week and carry on with life hair hustle free. For  Sibongile’s  simplified regimen check outhttps://www.facebook.com/notes/zedian-naturals/nausea-fatigue-wash-day-natural-hair-care-tips-on-wash-day-for-expectant-mothers/665650296801990

This is my new regimen which I have continued post baby as it makes  wash day shorter  and life a world easier for me*when you’re a new mom you soon discover that you no longer have tons of time to yourself*

Pre-poo: This process begins the night before wash day. I pre-poo my hair with coconut oil. This is ocassionally switched up with an oil mix depending on what my hair needs. Jojoba oil is my new go to oil so it ends up in almost everything.

Detangling: I now kill two birds with one stone by using my deep conditioner mix on dry hair to detangle and deep condition. I have switched to this method because it is faster, the deep conditioning mix provides slip for my detangling and has cut my finger detangling time to about 30 mins at a time.

Deep conditioning: Once the detangling is done I add a little more of the deep conditioning mix, put on a self -heating cap or cover with a plastic bag and allow to sit for 30 mins to an hour. My deep conditioning mix has stayed pretty much the same but is tweeked every so often to suit my hair needs with mayonnaise, Tresemme Naturals conditioner, avocado oil and olive oil as the basic components. I left out tea tree oil as some essential oils are said to be unsafe to use during pregnancy and I wasn’t about to take any risks.

Co-wash/shampoo: I mostly co-washed during my pregnancy firstly because I was experimenting with the no shampoo. Due to the fatigue I also didn’t wash my hair every week, I switched to once every two weeks because I just didn’t have to energy and if the hair was in twists or cornrows I could get away with it. I still have mixed feelings about only co-washing *I am yet to determine if I have more build up as a result* but I have carried on with it to see what difference it will make to my hair over a prolonged period of time.

ACV rinse:  This has remained the final and my favourite step in my wash day. Instead of mixing my usual 8 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to 3 litres of water, I switched to smaller quantities of ¼ teaspoon acv to 120mls of water as I had more control over this and could get to my scalp while sitting on my stool *yes lack of energy meant wash day was conducted while sitting* . I have also purchased organic apple cider vinegar as opposed to the one sold in supermarkets because it had less of a smell. In fact it was barely there.

Sealing: I couldn’t stand the smell of Olive oil on its own so I switched to sealing with Jojoba oil. I have two Shea butter mixes that are now a staple in my regimen, one contains coconut,castor,jojoba, kinky curly leave in and shea butter while the other one simply contains shea butter, jojoba, castor oil and glycerine.

So this is my current regimen even post baby. I have tweeked a few things in the weeks following the birth of my little one and post -partum shedding. Details of this will follow in the next post…..

My hair throughout my pregnancy;


2 responses to “Bumps and Natural Hair: Pregnancy Regimen

  1. Wow nice post, really encouraging, am currently pregnant with my 1st baby and having a lot of challenges with my hair.but ve learnt some tips.


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