Boys and Fros: Meet Ndiye

By Brandi of

Girls are not the only ones who rock mean fros!DSC_0362

Recently a few dudes have approached me for fro advice so I thought I’d let a male friend of mine give us some fro inspiration today.

His name is Ndiye and he’s a break dancer among other things. He’s had long hair for as long as I can remember, I met him when he had straight hair though. He finally decided to go back to the nappy life after he saw an old pic of himself in a fro looking awesome. His main reasons for going straight where because combing it hurt and it was just tough to manage. However with the following tips I gave him, life is much easier:

  1. Only comb when hair is damp and be gentle! And only do so once or twice a week.
  2. Always use conditioner after shampooing
  3. Apply hair butter or moisturizer after washing and conditioning
  4. Let hair dry in twists then untwist and style with fingers.
  5. Use a hair spray daily to moisturize.

Really simple no? Check out more pics below…



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