Protective Style Challenge: Week 21; Chunky Flat Twist Updo


It’s week 21 of my protective style challenge. As I mentioned last week, I’ve decided to go back into a longer term protective style after a weeks break. This one should last me 3 weeks, till the end of June and then I’ll probably do another long term style to last until the end of July when the dry weather dissipates.

Over the weekend I washed and conditioned my hair with henna. I decided that this time I would try a flat twist updo but in typical Mwanabibi fashion it’s not as put together as it could be. I started out attempting smaller flat twists but I’m just not patient enough and in the end I settled for what I’m used to. The flat twists are chunky and I used the same method to twist my hair as I did in week 16.


To achieve this look I parted my hair into three sections. Two sections on each side to flat twits up ward and two strand twists down the middle. I plaited 4 flat twists on each side.





This week I’ve pinned all the twists up.

Step 1:

Pin the ends of each flat twists across to the other side of your head so that they are tight enough to look neat.


Step 2:

Separate the two strand twists into two sections. Take the back section and pin the twists at the crown. Create a pompadour with the twists at the front, playing around with them to create your desired shape.



I will attempt to style the hair a different way for the next 2 weeks before I take this style down.




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