Detangling Your Natural Hair

By Naomi of

Hello Naturalists.

What detangling method do you use? How long does it take? What products do you use?

Detangling hair is one of the most important steps during your natural hair journey. It helps retain length, checks breakage and reduces knots and tangles.

Finger Detangling: Here is how my detangling routine goes – I section hair into four parts, two in front and two at the back. I apply two to four tablespoons of Coconut oil then twist hair. Once oil application is done, I unravel twists one at a time, make smaller sections and finger detangle then re-twist each section into three parts. I start from the ends of my hair and work my way to the roots. I follow up with a wide tooth comb. Finger detangling loosens the hair enabling use of the comb or brush much easier afterward.  This method works well for me- I can feel the knots so I work through the strands systematically removing all knots. Wide tooth comb detangling was easier when I had a TWA. When detangling is done, I wash my hair and style (checkout wash day routine post). The whole routine takes about forty five minutes.

Wide Tooth Comb Detangling: On a lazy day, I use a wide tooth comb to detangle my hair. I section hair into six sections and apply coconut oil and conditioner to each section. Once done, I comb my hair from tip to root and repeat the process under the shower then re-twist. I follow up with usual wash routine and style. The whole routine takes about thirty minutes.

Finger detangling takes a while, but I highly recommend.

For both methods, I find the the hair turns out even better when I keep products overnight.

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4 responses to “Detangling Your Natural Hair

  1. Love your method, will try on my tresses and see how it works, only 45 minutes, takes me 2 hours so wish me the best 😀 will try this Saturday my wash day, thanks dear!!!

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