Protective Style Challenge: Week 14; Chain of Twists


When I’m not looking up hairstyles on Pinterest then I’m probably scrolling through Instagram. Recently, I discovered TjLuvsBeingNatural and instantly fell in love. Her styles are simple, yet look intricate. She’s enormously creative and I’ve already earmarked a few more of her other styles to try later on during this challenge, although I’m not quite brave enough to go the whole hog and shave the sides of my hair.


I washed my hair this weekend; it was a long wash day as I decided to do a henna treatment. I use pure henna, none of the branded stuff. I twisted the damp hair so that it would be stretched for today.

I called this hairstyle “Chain of Twists” because that’s essentially what it is.

Step 1:

Divide the hair into sections. I sectioned mine into 5.


Step 2:

Plait the first section into a large fairly loose two strand twist, divide the second section in two and place the first twist in the parting.


Step 3:

Having placed the first twist in the middle of the second section of hair, twist the second section in a manner that secures the first twist. I need the style to last all week so I added pins to further secure each twist.


Step 4:

Continue step 2 and 3 until you get to the last section.


Step 5:

Pin the final twist into a pompadour. You can play round with it until you achieve a shape that you like.


This is actually a very similar, less dramatic, hairstyle to the one I did in Week 4 of this low manipulation, protective style challenge. The weather in Lusaka is turning a bit and I may need to do a little more spritzing this week to keep my hair moisturised.



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