Week 4 Protective Style Challenge: Rolling Fro Hawk

In the early days of my natural hair journey I spent lots of time on line ogling at pictures and wondering when I would ever be able to achieve the hairstyles in them. I use Pinterest for inspiration and one of the first pictures I pinned was of this hairstyle. I was obsessed with it but have always felt that I didn’t have the necessary skills to carry it out. I decided to take the plunge today and it was surprisingly easy. To say that I’m excited about this weeks style is an understatement. There was no plaiting involved and I absolutely love how sculpted it looks. This is actually the quickest and simplest of the styles that I’ve tried so far.

The picture that inspired this style.

The picture that inspired this style.

I did a henna treatment over the weekend. I use henna primarily for its strengthening properties. I applied my leave in and oil mixture on damp hair. After henna my hair is usually very smooth and a little prone to product build up so I figured oil alone was enough to keep it sealed. I stretched by plaiting four big braids (fikuti) straight after sealing and unraveled this morning.
Step 1: Work with stretched hair. If, like me, you’d like to avoid heat then you can stretch using braids, twists or African threading. Divide the hair into as many parts as you feel that you can comfortably work with, this will depend primarily on how long it is. I divided mine into 5 parts using stretchy bands to hold the sections in place. You can also use alligator clips for this.

Step 2: Roll each section towards the back and pin it in place. I found it easier to roll the hair if I crossed the top of each part as if I was created a two strand twist. You can pin loosely or more tightly depending on how long you’d like to keep the style in for. I used two pins for each section.




There really isn’t much more to it than those two steps repeated for each section. I wanted to make the front a little more interesting so I played around with the angles rolling a bit to the side rather than straight down.

I’m enjoying this challenge a lot more than I thought I would! Don’t forget to send in images of hairstyles that you think I should try. You can do so on our Facebook page or Twitter @ZedHairDotCom .


Completed look.

  Completed look.


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