Protective Style Challenge: Week 11 Cinnabun Fro Hawk

It’s week 11 of my protective style challenge and I’m having to get creative with the names of my hairstyles.


This week was inspired by fellow ZedHair contributor Naomi of Kinks and Twists. She has a way of working with hair that makes you wonder how she did it. I’ve actually had a few people looking quizzically above at my hair as I walk along so I think that I may just have successfully replicated this style.


I washed my hair last Friday and kept it stretched with cornrows. The weather has been quite humid and I didn’t need to re-moisturise.


Step 1:

Plait two loose twists at the sides of your head, by the ears. These will be pulled across to create the fro hawk effect so they need to be similar in size and placement.


Step 2:

Continue to loosely twist sections of the hair. This does not need to be precise and you can have a lot of small twists or a few fairly chunky ones.


Step 3:

Pull the two twists on the side across to the other side of your head and pin them down.


Step 4:

Twirl each twist and pin it down to create lots of little buns. Play around with the hair as this will require a lot of pins and if you are anything like me you won’t want them to show. I also don’t like my scalp to show so I fluffed the little buns after pinning.


And that’s it. This has got to be one of the easiest styles I’ve done so far.




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