Wedding Things

By Naomi of

Nancy opened the door for me to showcase Natural Hair Styles for weddings. She was referred by Faith Mwaura, an amazing woman and blogger.  I had styled her hair for a wedding earlier where she was one of the bride’s maids. I was honored when Nancy asked me to style her and her sister Betty for the big day. We met the week before the wedding and agreed on a hair style, did a trail then set an appointment day before the wedding to prepare the hair.

Day Before The Wedding: I wore my hair in a chunky twist-out  side puff that day. Nancy fell for it and voila! It became her wedding style. We started off with freshly washed and conditioned hair. I did two-strand twists using Shea Enhancing Smoothie and Shea Butter. Next morning, I applied a small amount of oil to the hair and unraveled the twists, separating the hair from the roots upto an inch away from the ends of her hair. I brushed the right and back hair towards her left side using a brittle brush, then used a head band to make the side puff, manipulating the hair until we achieved the desired look, a Beautiful Style for a Beautiful Bride.

Pictures of Kinksntwists in Action.

Gibel - Home (22) Gibel - Home (166) Gibel - Home (27)

The Finished Look Before and After the Wedding Dress.

Gibel - Home (25)         nancy-alvin-65

I  had the added honor of styling Betty, Nancy’s sister and one of the bridesmaids. We started off with freshly washed and conditioned hair. To achieve the style she wanted , the hair had to be stretched. I used the African threading method to stretch the hair. The next morning, I took down the thread then applied a small amount of oil, gently combing and sectioning the hair into four sections- one at the back, one in the middle, one with the side front hair and the last one with the middle front hair. I two-strand twisted the middle front section and pinned it to style later, made three puffs with the remaining sections, attached Fluffy Kinky Extension to each puff then loosely twisted and pinned around the puffs. Toying around with the hair finally achieved the desired look. Finally I happily unraveled the middle front section then rolled and pinned into an elegant updo.

K(401)  IMG_5383 PhotoGrid_1409413725945

The Beautiful Bride &  Her Maids.


My Happy Clients at the Brides Home.

Gibel - Home (142)   IMG_5975 (1)

Nancy at the wedding venue.


Nancy and Alvin congratulations on your marriage. I wish you a wonderful life together with lots of God’s blessings and children 🙂.


Happy Marriage.


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