Protective Style Challenge: Week 9 Two Strand Twist Updo


This week I’ve been a little more strategic with my hairstyle. I’ve got a function to attend over the weekend and really want to have a nice twist out so I decided to spend the week in two strand twists.

I’m used to working with fuller hair so achieving a look that I actually liked took a bit of trial and error. Twists tend to stretch the hair making it appear thinner; they also cause shrinkage when done on damp hair. You can create smaller twists to retain a bit of volume.

You could say I cheated a little because this look took longer than the usual 10 to 15 minutes in total. I washed, conditioned and twisted my hair last Saturday. The twists took about an hour and a half to plait. I applied my leave in conditioner, Shea butter, my oil mixture and flaxseed gel before twisting.

Step One

Divide the hair in two parts, leaving some twists in the front for the creation of a pompadour.


Step Two

Create a basket weave on the back section of the hair. This is not really plaiting but crossing the hair over from one side to the other and then vice versa. Pin the hair in place at the top.




Step Three

Create your pompadour by twisting the hair slightly and tuck the ends of the twists in before pinning in place.



If it wasn’t for the amount of time it took to twist my hair this hairstlye could be achieved in less than 10 minutes. I added a chitenge flower for more of a fun look.




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