Protective Style Challenge: Week 8 Chunky Flat Twist Updo

This week’s hairstyle was inspired by a fellow contributor to this blog Sibongile. It’s fair to say my flat twists are far chunkier than hers.


Step 1: Make a side parting and divide the hair in two with the back section larger than the front. I used a comb for this parting because I wanted it a bit neater than usual.


Step 2: Create a flat twist across the back of the head. You’ll end up with a semi circle.


Step 3: Plait flat twists across the top of the head starting at the parting. You can make them as small or large as you like. I plaited three flat twists.



Step 4: Pin the hair in to place. I had to play around with mine to make sure it wasn’t too chunky on one side.

IMG_9293 IMG_9297 That’s me for the week!



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