Protective Style Challenge: Week 5 Bun & Flat Twist Bangs

It’s week 5 of my low manipulation, protective style challenge and I’m really embracing the low manipulation aspect of it. This week I opted for a high bun with flat twists. The look was inspired by a hairstyle that Teyonah Parris wore on the red carpet.


I did a moisturising deep conditioning treatment over the weekend, twisting the hair after applying leave in conditioner, mafura butter and my homemade flaxseed gel. I had 16 twists in my hair which I unravelled this morning keeping the definition for a more textured look.

Step 1: Part the hair in two with a small U shaped bang section at the front.


Step 2: Tie the back into a high puff. I used a band made from a pair of old stockings. It stretches easily and is not too tight for my edges.



Step 3: Section the front into two parts and plait two very loose flat twists pinning them both to the side.



Step 4: Create a bun by pinning large sections of the hair in the puff to the band. I pinned outward rather than inward and wasn’t particular about creating a neat shape because I wanted more of a messy look.


You can stop here to achieve a similar style to Teyonah’s but my objective is to protect my ends so I tucked and pinned them down.


That’s it. Really simple. I will tie a satin scarf every night for bed during the week and spritz when necessary.



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