Colour Me Natural: Part 2

By Chiteu of

Soooooo Chiteu being Chiteu I wasn’t too happy with the results of my first round of colour. It was a bit dark and wasn’t really obvious unless you stood close to me……so I took a risk and went in again. I took to YouYube and watched a few more videos. Armed with more video knowledge and my first experience I was ready to DO this!!! This time I used Garnier Nutrisse Vanilla Blond. I was careful to do a strand test and follow the instructions to the letter, especially that this hair dye is made for Caucasian hair.

I sectioned my hair into two (front and back) and tied away the back section that I was not going to apply colour to. I further split the front part into two sections. I then twisted up and left sections out alternately to create the highlight look. See below *don’t mind the chitumbuwa shiny face :-p *

The box said to wait 25 mins but from my last experience I know my hair is stubborn and doesn’t take colour easily so I went about my business for almost 40 mins. Next I rinsed it out and followed up with a delicious avocado deep conditioner which I kept under a self heating cap and shower cap for about 45 minutes.

I then flat twisted the hair and unravelled after 2 days…..the result was pillowy soft hair and highlights that I totally love. The colour is also developing as the days go so I’m loving it more and more, the pack said vanilla blond but clearly this jet black hair had other ideas although I must say this is the colour I was going for when I first purchased the Dark n Lovely Radiant Copper…..

So if you want to experiement with colour, read up, prep your hair and be prepared to give you hair some extra loooooove with no compromises!!!


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