My Fro and I: Blogger/Vlogger Honour Roll

The blogger honour roll is all about recognising blogs, bloggers or on line natural hair personalities who inform and inspire us. In the past we’ve featured Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care and Naptural85. It’s easy to see why these two were chosen; Rory Mullen of Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care has recently published a guide book for styling children’s hair and Naptural85 has managed to grow hair that leaves all of us green with envy while continuing to use mostly natural, easy to access, homemade products.

Rory Mullen and her daughter

Rory Mullen and her daughter

We've watched Whitney of Naptural85 grow her hair from a TWA to this.

We’ve watched Whitney of Naptural85 grow her hair from a TWA to this.

I’ve read numerous blogs and watched even more videos but when I thought about bloggers who have had an impact on me in recent times; one phrase kept popping up, “30 updos in 30 days”. This was a hair challenge embarked on by Aisha, M of My Fro and I. Aisha is a Tanzanian blogger who currently resides in South Africa. Her challenge stood out for me because although there are many African American bloggers, African bloggers are few and far between. It is easy to believe that only our friends across the ocean can be creative with their hair but Aisha proved that this was not the case. She showed us that none of us had any excuse beyond a lack of interest. All Updos 1 sml (1) She has since had a spin off of the original challenge called, “30 days: 30 Hair Accessories”.

30 Accessories: 30 Days

30 Days: 30 Accessories

Most recently, Aisha invited us to follow her as she searched for the perfect hairstyle for her wedding day. She then shared pictures of the various stages of her wedding, from the bridal shower to the big day.

MFI The Wedding

It is Aisha’s willingness to draw us into her world and share her journey, warts and all, which endears me to her and keeps me wanting to know what she’ll do next. She’s had challenges with her hair and doesn’t shy away from letting us know. She doesn’t pretend to have all the answers and has fun with her hair without trying to be perfect.   As a blogger it’s easy to imagine that you have to have it all figured out. You become a sort of ambassador for natural hair and can end up feeling the pressure to keep your hair just right at all times. Reading My Fro and I is a reminder that sometimes we just want to see other women with hair that is similar to ours, going through the same challenges that we endure and still managing to enjoy their hair journey.


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