Introducing the ZedHair Forum – an online support community

ZedHair is proud to announce the ZedHair Forum. The ZedHair Forum is a Facebook group designed to be an extension of our ZedHair Facebook Page. The page has grown massively over the last year especially, that we have found it increasingly difficult to keep up with the posts to the page that needed approval. Our readers and followers also want to share pictures of their lovely hairstyles. And of course the big one is questions, questions, and even more questions. There is no way we can answer all of your questions adequately or as promptly as you would like.

Zedhair Forum Facebook cover

This group is our attempt to shift some of that traffic to a platform that allows everyone to interact and engage more with one another. Since ZedHair currently has a following of 8500+, we expect that this group will be a more intimate online support for the ZedHair community. We know that there are a number of natural hair groups out there, but we do hope that you will find time to share your knowledge, enthusiasm and above all LOVE for natural hair in the ZedHair Forum as well.

So, please head over to Facebook now and join the group. The current guidelines are pinned to the top of the page. You can access them here.


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