Farewell Split Ends! Hello Healthy Hair!

By Naomi of http://www.kinksntwists.wordpress.com

Ever held on to your hair with split or damaged end?

I loved the length, trimming my ends seemed like a set back to achieving my hair length goal. I was forgetting the trim will enhance the grow and look more healthy. Funny, am very good at trimming Wangeci’s hair and rarely think of trimming mine. Her growth is excellent and hair is awesome.

I washed my hair, and noticed my ends had gotten worse. The next morning I blow dried my hair, I used Grapeseed Oil as a heat protectant. I trimmed about an inch or slightly more of my hair. It looks better and healthier.

Style One: I prepared hair by spritzing a mix of water, oil and leave-in conditioner then two strand twisted. I gently combed my hair the next morning,  brushed the sides of my hair and tied it in the middle section of my hair. I have realized, I don’t like wearing my hair straight 😦.

Stlye Two: I applied Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in Conditioner to my hair, then two strand twisted hair. Next morning, I applied a small amount of Olive oil, unraveled the twists a and styled.


Style Three: I two strand twisted the middle front section, tied a scarf before bedtime. Next morning, I tied the untwisted hair in a middle puff and off I went.

hair 2

Style Four: I Brushed the side and tied a puff in the middle sections, I made smaller section with the puffed hair then rolled and pinned them around the puff. I pinned the front twisted hair on the left side of my hair and Voila!

hair 3

Style Five: I changed the style of the puffed hair, I two stand twisted and pinned around the puff. I unraveled the front twist.

hair 4

Style Six: I moisturized hair using my spritz mix, made five big two strand twists and smaller one for the front middle section. I brushed side hair towards the back of my head and tied it in a bun. I unreaveled the middle  front front.


All Styles take 5 to 10 minutes to achieve.


One response to “Farewell Split Ends! Hello Healthy Hair!

  1. WOW, you are so talented!!! Beautiful styles, have to learn from you!! Trimming works indeed, I know this from experience, I did not want to trim but eventually had to, best thing I did, not only was my hair happy but healthier 😀 thank you for the post dear 😀

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