Protective Style Challenge: Week 3 Twisted Bun & Bangs

It’s week 3 of my low manipulation protective style challenge. I thought I would struggle with this because I’m the kind of person who loves to have access to my hair. I like being able to touch and play around with it quite regularly and if I’m honest, I like big messy hair, but I’ve been ok. I get my messy hair fix over the weekend and it’s actually quite nice to have my hairstyle for the week already in place.

Week 2

Week 2

You may have noticed a theme so far, simplicity. This week I picked another simple hairstyle that takes between 5 and 10 minutes and can be dressed up with accessories.

I didn’t have the chance to wash my hair over the weekend so I spritzed with water, applied my leave in conditioner and sealed with Mafura butter to re-moisturise before styling.

This hairstyle was inspired by another style that we shared on the ZedHair Facebook page. The main difference with mine is the size of the twists and the addition bangs.

Twisted Bun Style Guide by Monde4U

Twisted Bun Style Guide by Monde4U

Step one: Divide the hair into two parts, a U shape at the front for bangs or a fringe effect and a larger section at the back for the puff. I used two stretchy bands that do not have any metal in them. Metal can snag the hair and I’m going for maximum retention.



Step two: Create some loose, chunky twists at the back and loosely pin them into place. Play around with the twists to create the look you desire. I prefer a bigger puff.







Step three: Plait some slightly tighter twists on the bang section of your hair and either pin them to the side or back for more of a pompadour. I always prefer my hair swept to this side as I think it frames my face better but either works.





That’s it It’s as simple as that. You can add accessories to make the look a little more interesting.





I’ll tie a satin scarf around my hair every night and will probably spritz with a mixture of water, honey and oil on Wednesday or Thursday depending on how dry my hair feels.


4 responses to “Protective Style Challenge: Week 3 Twisted Bun & Bangs

  1. Oh my word Bibi, didn’t know your hair had grown this much. Wow!!! Just looking at that picture where you have the hair in standing twists I see how long it is now. Very impressed.



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