It is more than just hair.

By Sibongile of Zedian Naturals

Raw Hair

Some of you natural heads know what I am talking about.

The moment you accept and embrace whatever grows out of your head.

For some, maybe over a longer period of time.

For me…it was one moment.

And so you are excited…diving into information, products, techniques and all things natural hair.

You share it with others…be it family, friends, acquaintances…and the natural hair nod at a stranger rocking a banging natural hair do.

Once it clicks…your confidence shoots through the roof because not only have you accepted your kinks and coils, you are happy that you have kinks and coils.

That not only is it okay to have kinks and coils…it is actually a beautiful thing.

Then you show this new found confidence.

Back to basics 2

And you are thrilled to say you love your natural hair…on Facebook or Twitter or an email or a face to face conversation.

Some eyes roll…heads shake.

Muttering…”Here we go again…”

“It’s just hair”

You see for me…it is not…just hair.

It is bigger than that.

Growing up…these kinks weren’t good enough.

Froliccious part deux

They were not good enough to rock at work.

Or a party.

Or a wedding.

Or at that NRC photo session where in order for you to rock it as a loose afro or as locs, you needed an artist “pass”.

Yep…that was my reality.

I lived in a world where you wearing your natural hair could also be as an interpretation of your socioeconomic status. In this vein of thought, natural hair =poor=villager=dirty etcetera.

You see…when you live in a society that views the opposite of most of your true natural features as being better or prettier or more beautiful, you will find it hard to see  your “unconventional” features as beautiful as well.

Where the unspoken rules of beauty include…

Lighter skin is better than darker skin.

Small, narrow nose is better than a big, flat and wide nose.

Relaxed hair is better…prettier…neater…cooler…more acceptable…than your God given natural hair.

So yep…it was that deep for me.

To finally realise that my natural hair was droolicious?

That was an awesome feeling.

When did you realise your natural hair was awesome?

Loads of Hair Love,


7 responses to “It is more than just hair.

    • Isn’t it an awesome feeling? That absolute contentment and being more than okay with your hair just the it is. Beautiful hair you have…


  1. i love my hair. i love it natural and i loved it relaxed. i never had a struggle with how my hair was perceived, maybe because it always grew long, thick and healthy. so to me, i never had a problem with the negative perceptions of black hair. or maybe i was just clueless to it growing up. i know my mom relaxed my hair when i was about 16, 17, to make it more manageable and easier to maintain. she had 4 daughters, it was easy to understand that decision. i don’t think my hair caused me so much insecurity (there were so many other things i was insecure about as a teen), i just accepted it for what it was. in college, my hair was great. and versatile. i could braid it up or leave it free. it was easy. post college, no-one had better hair than me! LOL!! to be honest, my hair worked. i spent time and money on it and it looked great, i got many compliments on it. it was part of me but it wasn’t the only part of me. i was generally quite confident then so my hair took on that confidence.
    only after babies were born did i get a shock with what my hair was doing. going natural was out of necessity not out of choice. but even still, i find myself enjoying and loving it and feeling confident that i have ‘good’, thick, healthy hair.
    i don’t think my sisters have felt ‘lesser as women’ because of their hair. i’d have to ask. but now, every woman, every female in my family has natural hair — my mom, sisters, our daughters. it’s like we’ve all said to ourselves, “there’s no other way to be.”

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