And We’re Back…

It is the end of November and the year 2012 is almost coming to an end. When I compare with 2011, when we had 168 posts, this year, we have only managed 40 posts so far. It has been a hectic and stressful year for both iNKy and I in terms of work and school and naturally, the hobby (this blog) is the one that must make way for other life issues.

Nevertheless, we have not been completely silent. Actually, if you follow us on Facebook, you will have noted that we try to share relevant information from the interwebs as often as possible – sometimes two or three times a day if shareable items pop up on our radar. We are so grateful for this thriving and growing FB community.

Another thing worth mentioning is that something MAJOR was up with the email address, which has since been fixed, but not without many many many people wondering why their emails were not acknowledged for months. We worked through the backlog and everything is back to normal. Keep emailing please.

A close up of my fine (although densely packed) hair
This is some crazy shrinkage right there. Lol

Going forward, we will be having a number of new contributors. Among them, Sibongile, who you met last week in the Natural Spotlight. We also have Mils who will be writing about her road to recovery after a seriously damaged hairline and hair loss due to harmful styling methods. She will also be writing about healthy weave care and maintenance.

We will also be trying to do more interviews with ordinary women (and men) as well as featuring other bloggers and helpful sites, especially within Africa.

It is our intention to do more product reviews, to help people with building a healthy regimen, but also to give guidance on available products for those of us based here in Africa.

One of the other big things we will focus on going forward is hair styling, especially for the work place. It’s all very well to learn about washing, detangling, deep conditioning etc, but what can a girl do to her hair so that it looks cute AND presentable? So in this regard, many of our posts will just be about how to get a particular style, looking at various hair lengths as well. This is especially important because most of us just don’t have the reliable internet service or bandwidth to download the numerous YouTube videos out there. The majority of people in Africa still access the internet from their mobile phones and our telecoms providers block YouTube on many networks. Grrr…

Also, we will be cross-posting some relevant and appropriate content from other natural hair blogs. This is a natural hair community collaboration across borders. Yay!

Then, it kind of went on the back-of-behind-the-back-burner, but we are working on a logo which will be ready come 2013. Thanks to Mahogany Boisseau, whose picture we have been using on Facebook all this time.

And finally, the date for the ZedHair Meet-up has been set. Drum roll, please?

Saturday, 6th April 2013.

The countdown has begun. Make plans to be there.

p.s. Man have I missed you guys. It just has not been the same.



2 responses to “And We’re Back…

  1. Natural Toto, my Kenyan sistren. Should life find you within the SADC region in April of next year, please come and join us. We want to say Karibuni to you here in Lusaka, expect we would say Takulandirani or Mwaiseni or Tambokenu.


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