Technique or Product?

So in a fantasy world where healthy hair is the center of the universe and is an essential need for survival… (dramatic much?)
You are given a choice between choosing products or technique to maintain your life giving hair.
What would you choose?

Me? I would choose technique over products.

Why technique?

Because even when you have the best hair products in the world to help you retain your length and you still practice bad hair habits/techniques, you will most likely jeopardize your hair’s health and retention.
Products play a minor role …yes…I personally believe they are not as important as technique.

I look at technique like I do a recipe. 

I could purchase all the ingredients needed to bake a cake but without a recipe I probably won’t get the same results as I would if I had used the recipe.
So technique can act as a guideline.

A process.

Some kind of process that shows what to mix and when.
So when devising a regimen, I ask my self…

What (product) to add to my hair,when (technique), how (technique) and why(science)?

For example, in this specific use of the ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar)…

When I do my ACV (product/what) rinse, I apply it after of the deep conditioning rinse by dunking my hair in it (technique/when). While in it, I smooth the hair using my fingers in a downward (technique/how) to close cuticles and keep the moisture in (science/why).

This is something I would advise anyone in Zambia or anywhere in Africa who may not have access to the popular products in the natural hair online circles of the Western world. As wonderful as these products may seem, they are in no way the end all be all to hair growth and retention. I believe our hair would do relatively well with just water, oil and great techniques (i.e gentle de-tangling from tip to root, protective styling, washing in sections etc).

So…in order for you to get the best retention possible, focus more on the techniques you use to handle your hair than the products.

What would you choose?

Loads of hair love. 


14 responses to “Technique or Product?

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  2. Though products do matter, techniques are key. Im transitioning and was in ”the western world” when I began and realise that in Zambia, I can’t easily access all the products I want but Im sticking to building a great regimen with what I do have and keeping principles for long, black (people), natural hair.
    P.S. Sibongile, we are namesakes ๐Ÿ™‚


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