A moment of reflection

One of the phrases that really guides us as writers and information providers is:

Your Hair, Your Crown, Your Glory, Your Choice!

I think that we have done a good job of sticking to that. HOWEVER as a regular relaxer writer on a natural hair blog/healthy black hair blog, I must admit that we could probably do a better job of providing information on hair care for people who are still relaxed/ relaxing and to better serve our broader African readership. 

I am presently mad busy with other obligations (read: school) and so it may be a short while before you see those posts but I can assure you they are coming.

Just to be clear, all of the recommendations and information provided by Zedhair can be used on relaxed or non-relaxed hair. Any reviews that I provide will have been used on relaxed and unrelaxed hair (I stretch my relaxer and so have quite a bit of new growth that I can observe to see how my hair reacts).

We may not use the term “relaxed” very much on our blog but our recommendations extend to all kinds of black hair.

iNky (still relaxed)



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