Loved the afro, but…

Two Saturdays past, I attended a special event in Los Angeles – the launch of the Anakazi Center. And as is fitting for such an event I took the time to remove my hair from the protective style (braids) I’ve had for weeks now and sported what I like to think was an epic Afro à la pictures of my mother from the 70s.

I loved the hairdo!
Later that evening, stumbling into bed in the wee hours of Sunday morning, I didn’t take the time to re-braid my hair and just slapped on my bonnet before passing out from exhaustion; I had to be up in two hours for my early flight back to Portland. Later as I prepared to leave, I did my best to finger comb my hair, while promising my tresses some TLC upon my return home.
Fast forward 45 minutes…
As I was killing time in the waiting area at the airport, I passed my fingers through my hair and found those horrible little cretins, KNOTS! In a panic I started to detangle as best I could without ripping out the hair from its roots. Thankfully there were only a handful, and I kept myself under control.
Back in my humble abode, an 8 hours long deep conditioning treatment was served up, followed by the return of braids.
What’s the lesson learned here, my friends? There’s always a price to be paid for looking cute if you don’t follow it up with good sense.
I know not to sleep with my hair loose particularly as it’s no longer a teenie weenie afro. There’s a lot of hair here, and I need to avoid little mistakes that could be very costly.
Have you recently broken one of your common sense rules, and what was the result?


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