On 3rd Degree: It’s just hair isn’t it?

Last night South African twitter users were all abuzz about a TV programme that tackled the issue of Black Hair. Nothing in the programming was new or particularly enlightening but as we know the politics of women’s hair is very polarising and generates a lot of heated discussion.

And when the issue of black women’s hair is front and centre, it usually comes down to the money spent on products, natural v relaxed, African-ness, self-identity, cultural norms, societal pressures, and the like. My curiosity was further deepened when I saw some disgruntlement about the fact that the host is white, and the tone set was of “black voyeurism” – oooh, let’s see what those black people do to their hair.

Anyway, enough of my commentary, take a look and form your own opinions. Courtesy of eNews Channel on YouTube.

Part One

Part Two
Part Three


2 responses to “On 3rd Degree: It’s just hair isn’t it?

  1. The white presenter was good and non invasive in my opinion. All she did was present the differing views. The only person I thought to be particularly stupid was the 'weave queen' girl.It is funny how one person thinks that they speak for everyone else. Her view that we want to see long hair on TV is so far from my view. I have been enjoying old episodes of good times and loving Thelma's puff.Nikiwe was particularly articulate. I like how she stated that we are all free to make our own decisions.


  2. Thanks Jc. I agree completely. I don't understand the hating on the white presenter who did a great job. I loved Nikiwe too. In Zambia, TV is still very much weave territory. But, the last five years have seen many female newscasters and presenters embrace locs. A full on natural is still yet to be seen, unless it is a TWA. For men, a brush cut (short back and sides) is preferred. You will see one or two with a chunsu (small to medium afro – 1 inch max in height). I don't recall seeing any regular male TV personalities or newscasters with locs though. Btw, thank you for commenting on my blog. I am so honoured. I did a little dance when I saw your name. This is a proud moment for ZedHair (iNky and me).


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