A silent revolution

British-Nigerian filmmaker Zina Saro-Wiwa shares her transition from relaxed to natural hair. I enjoy seeing how she goes from thinking she looks ugly to falling in love with her natural curls. This new obsession has her starting conversations with our naturals and learning about the silent revolution many of us have been waging.  

Enjoy it! 


2 responses to “A silent revolution

  1. I really enjoyed watching this natural hair transition video. I must admit that at first I was saying, NOooo don't do it. But as the video continued it only took a matter of minutes to see how beautiful the woman looked and how the hair style looked much better than before. I wish more black women could see this and learn to just love the hair you were born with. I know it is very difficult at times but with the right hair care regime and the right products, I think more women would be willing to go natural.


  2. When I first watched the video I was dismayed by her language as her hair was being shorn. So many of us embrace the negativity that states being bald or having short natural hair is ugly. I started questioning the outcome of the video. Thank goodness I kept watching. It was a nice visual, and hopefully it will help assuage some of the fears many women have about wearing their hair natural. And above all, I appreciate this was not about bashing relaxed hair. There's nothing more detrimental than some of the divisive language that's used by some folks to put down others who choose to stay relaxed. It's all about personal choice. Let's focus on sharing good information and letting people decide what's best for themselves.


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