Best Hair Advice Ever – Stretching

In a few weeks time, I will reach my two year anniversary since I did the Big Chop on 6th December, 2009. I thought that I would spend the next few weeks sharing the most important hair advice that I think I have received over the last two years.

Stretching after washing: 

One month after the Big Chop in January 2010

For this, I will direct you to a Kimmaytube video on Conditioning Stretching and why this is important. My experience is that my hair becomes really soft and remains so as a result of stretching it immediately after washing. It helps the hair to be more flexible. I once tried a wash and go Afro, without stretching it with fikuti after washing. It looked ok for the first day, but come the next morning, when I normally just spritz with water and finger comb (see four comb-free days), my hair was a matted down mess. Washing it later on was even worse. I learned my lesson.

Now, when people touch my hair (usually when in an Afro) and comment that they would go natural, only if their hair were soft like mine, I explain that it is the stretching that helps it to soften. I also find that the flexibility or pliability on day four or five of stretching, is much more than on day one or two. So, it helps to keep on doing it each night if you can.


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