Protective Hairstyle Challenge Update: The End … for now.

Sorry for the late post– it’s been a busy few weeks…

I relaxed my hair two weeks ago.

I had hoped that I would be able to make it though till December before turning to the relaxer. The last time I had straightened my hair out was June of this year, four months ago, give or take. The deciding factor was the pain coursing through my arm after combing through the 2+ inches of new growth that had accumulated thanks to my protective hairstyle challenge. I lost a lot of hair combing though the new growth and by the end could hardly hold a pen because my arm hurt too much. Part of the problem, I think was because the stitches holding in my weave, were way too tight and my hair had grown around them, curling up and tangling into knots that despite hours of patience, conditioner and finger work, just would not loosen. It hurt to loose that much hair. But at the same time, after having worn a weave for 7 consecutive weeks, I had no shedding and so technically, I think much of the hair lost would have been lost anyways through shedding. You can ask my sister, I shed like a cat, hair absolutely everywhere!
I enjoyed my protective hairstyle challenge so much so that I am actually just a smidge bored with my real hair right now. I’m thinking it may be time for another weave… (just hoping I don’t become the next weave-aholic). Though I don’t think I will, I like to switch things up too much.
Lessons learned:
  1. It is important to track what people are doing in your hair and make sure that you are comfortable with it.
  2. I know my hair better than anyone and I need to always keep that in mind.
  3. Ghana Braids look awesome but kill the hairline so be careful when wearing these or just avoid.
  4. If it hurts too much and you are not comfortable, take it out. (…..or Ibuprofen)

I was not able to find a good afro weave but I did come across an amazing afro wig and with that I complete my protective hairstyle challenge… ….. for now……

Channeling my inner Foxy Brown–haha!

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