Quick and Easy Hairstyle!

There are many many many Vloggers on YouTube who take time and effort to either document their hair journeys, share what they are learning or give ideas about how to style and care for natural hair. Some of them are more conversational and others are really educative. You will find some that are really amateur, and others that are slick and professional. We have previously shared some recommended YouTubers to get you started. I still put my money on Kimmaytube and Rusticbeauty as they are the ones whom I learned the most from.

However, when it comes to genuine style, flair and fashion sense, SimplYounique has got to be one of the best. Her videos are proper How-To tutorials. She doesn’t preach or pontificate, she just tells you how to do the cute styles that she wears herself in a very simple and straight forward way. She has recently reached her two-year Big Chop anniversary and has basically documented her journey from Day One. This means that she has got something for everyone, no matter how long your natural hair is.

I have also really been motivated to get more serious with maintaining healthier hair and retaining length, since watching her anniversary video. I clock two years next month.

This video is great for that in-between stage, when the hair is neither short nor long:

Please take time to check out the other videos on her channel. Click here to join her FaceBook page.



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