Natural Spotlight and Hairspiration: Mutinta!

Over the last few weeks and months, Inky has done a great job of showcasing many of Africa’s hairspiration icons in music, literature and film. It is our great pleasure to add one of our own to this list. We are so excited to finally bring you this Natural Spotlight and Hairspiration piece on Zambia’s latest music sensation – Mutinta!

Mastering an eclectic mix of Afro-beat, soul, jazz and reggae, 22 year old Mutinta Mwanza has hit Zambia’s music scene with plenty of flair. Her interest in singing as a career started after being selected to sing in a talent show when she was much younger. But, despite her passion for music and her obvious talent, she only began seriously pursuing life as a professional singer when in 2009 she was discovered and encouraged by Vatice (of Inzy). Since then, she has been producing fresh and inspiring sounds that capture people from all walks of life.

As if all this were not enough, earlier this year, Mutinta was chosen as the new face of Zamtel, one of Zambia’s leading telecommunications companies.

Mutinta and Towani Clarke of Kutowa Designs. For those with an eagle eye, Mutinta is wearing  a dress from Kutowa Designs’ Tupenda Collection. This is the same dress that can be seen in the new Zamtel adverts that feature Mutinta

We took time to have a brief chat with Mutinta about her hair and of course, her music. Read on folks…

Mutinta is a Natural Beauty

1. When did you go natural?
I went natural a few years ago in 2008.
Mutinta appeared on the front cover of Nkhani Kulture — a Zambian lifestyle magazine

2. What has been your experience having natural hair so far?

Well, the maintenance of natural hair does not take up much time nor money as compared to lets say one with relaxed hair. This is because with a relaxer, one has to think about visiting the salon two or three times a month just to have the hair retouched and washed. Whereas natural hair is taken care of right in the comfort of your own home with the Vaseline that everybody uses. Because our natural hair can become entangled easily, the comb becomes an enemy. So that is the only drawback as stretching it can sometimes take a while.
Mutinta in the new Zamtel advertising campaign

3. What is your hair regimen?

I wash my hair in the morning with conditioning shampoo, dry it, apply hair food to it and style.

Mutinta plays guitar and piano

4. Any advice to those considering going natural?

It is easy to maintain and it is cheap. Not all women opt for the natural look, simply because it is time consuming. But, many love it, especially the short version and have joined me.

Mutinta performing at the Alliance Francaise in Lusaka

  5. Tell us about your music?

Being in this industry is not as easy as people would like to think but I am blessed to have a great and strong team behind me as well as a very talented, brilliant and very musical manager. My sound is a fusion of Afro-beat, soul, jazz and reggae. I write and perform with an awesome band backing me up. My album is not yet out but keep a close lookout for it as it is only a matter of time.

Mutinta and Towani at Zambia Fashion Week 2011

6. How did you achieve the hairstyle in this picture?

After the wash, I put three braids on the side and pat the rest down until it is all leveled.

To follow Mutinta on Facebook, click here. You can also find out more about Mutinta’s music by visiting her MySpace page here. Lastly, check out two of Mutinta’s music videos that are available on YouTube.

Chungwa is described as a playful song. Watch the video and you will see why.


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