Six Months and Counting…

Would you believe that this blog has been fully operational for six whole months? It feels like much longer. I have spent the last few days reading through the early posts and chuckling at my young self; here, here and here

Then, I read through the introductory/welcome to It’s Natural post and I was once again inspired. I am finding that the mission I set out for myself is slowly being realised. I set myself the following challenges:

1. Is it possible to have natural hair in Zambia and look good?

2. Can I wear my hair in its natural state, without a wig, weave or extensions?

Also, I read through the original hairspiration article and I now feel a renewed sense of vigour to share tools and information on how to care for, style and maintain healthy natural hair. I have learned so much a long the way, made so many mistakes and I am still learning.

Based on the comments and questions we receive via email, on Facebook and in person, I really think that a ZedHair meet-up may be a good idea. This is just to allow people to get together and share ideas. I am still consulting with others and also looking for some long-time naturals who have been in this game longer and can share with the rest of us who are still in our early days.

The second BIG thing is that we have reached an AMAZING 30,000 page views. This means that articles on this blog have been viewed 30,000 times. Thank you so much to all our readers, followers, fans etc. This is all the motivation we need to keep on writing. 

Admittedly, maintaining a blog is much more hard work than we initially imagined and it is a challenge to juggle, work, school, home and other obligations with managing a blog. But, it is also a lot of fun and very rewarding when people share some of their stories with us.


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