Hairspiration: K’naan

Image from

Yes, I know, he’s not a woman! But K’naan and his hair are without a doubt deserving of a place on the Hairspiration list. Seriously, this man has got a gift and it’s not just his voice. It’s easy to see, even though he’s almost always wearing hats, that he takes good care of his hair and boy, does this man have good style!! Confession: a part of me, wants to touch his hair, just to know how it feels. Although he’s had a pretty strong following as a result of his rather provoking lyrics, K’naan was vaulted onto the international scene when his song “Waving Flag,” was performed at the 2010 World Cup and forever etched as a song that evoked a sense of patriotism, belonging, global citizenship, and pride. Waving Flag was one of the songs that was used to draw awareness to the earthquake in Haiti and the disaster that it left in its wake. I must say though, that the man, his music, and that head of hair are more than just Waving Flag. This week’s hairspiration: K’naan.

I resisted the urge to post a Waving Flag video and so instead….

And another favorite, because I can:

All images and videos from K’naan’s website unless otherwise noted.


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