Hairspiration: Andy Allo

This African beauty hails from Cameroon, born and raised. She is a model, singer and songwriter and yes even an actress. According to her website, she “has created her own genre of music that she calls Alter.Hip.Soul- a mix of alternative, hip hop and soul.” Slowly but surely making waves and rocking a beautiful head of gorgeous curly natural hair. This week’s hairspriration is Andy Allo! (I also love that her last name is Allo because it reminds me of the old tv show Allo Allo and honestly, they don’t make (read: good) tv like that anymore!).

All photos courtesy of and Andy Allo’s Facebook page (

2 responses to “Hairspiration: Andy Allo

  1. She might have been born in Cameroon, but since the the age of 11 Andy Allo was raised in Sacramento California USA by her American Caucasian Mother.


    • Thanks for the clarification that Andy Allo was born and raised in Cameroon and then later America, where she is currently based. Glad that 3 years later, her gorgeous natural hair continues to inspire.


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