Knots, knots, and more knots

Why didn’t anyone tell me that one of the issues I would deal with as a newly natural is knots? Oh dear heavens, these knots nearly did me in! In my hair these little knots appear at the ends, and are essentially the result of a hair strand tying itself up in knots. If you’ve not experienced this consider yourself lucky!
When I first noticed the problem I was perplexed as to how and why they had come to be. So, I delved into some research to find answers. I found that the main culprit based on my hair regimen (at the time) was my wash-go styles and not protecting my ends like I used to when I was relaxed.
I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoy letting my hair air dry after a morning wash or rinse, but doing this just leads to KNOTS!! It doesn’t matter what moisturiser I use before heading out, the shrinkage is just an open invitation.
I have resorted to braiding my hair before it dries completely. This is works well to stretch the hair, thus decreasing the likelihood of knots. While braiding and after, I’ve found it’s even easier to apply moisturiser and I spend more time concentrating on the ends. When I first started this I was braiding every night before bed and removing them before work but this got to be tedious. So, now I am spending more time on a Sunday evening to get small neat braids that will last through the week, and all I have to do is apply moisturiser a few times during the week to ensure my hair isn’t getting dry and brittle.
This braiding regimen will obviously be modified as my hair grows longer but for now that’s what works.
I’m not 100% knot free, as I still find one or two, here and there. However, I’m not fighting back tears of frustration or fretting about lost length because of the need to cut off the offensive ends, so I’m declaring victory.

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