How to Wash Your Hair

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DO know that hair is most vulnerable when it is wet.
So be careful to limit the amount of tangling, detangling, pulling and in essentially any excess or unnecessary tension that is put on hair while you are washing your hair. This means, limit the amount of combing, brushing and strain that you put on your hair while it is wet. (I will point out that this point is greatly debated on black hair websites with no consensus or clear victor. The take home message here is that care should be taken to ensure that you are as gentle as possible with your hair at all times; tugging and pulling aggressively will break your hair.)

DON’T detangle your hair with your fingers when it’s wet whilst washing it in the shower .

Yes, running your fingers through your wet hair does detangle and remove some of the snags and knots in your hair. BUT, it also pulls out healthy hairs by the roots and this can lead to hair loss over time.
DO comb through your hair and detangle it completely before washing it.
This removes the problems of tangles and snags while your washing your hair and make it easier to do a good job of washing and conditioning your hair.
DON’T put shampoo in your hair and then pile it up on the top of your head and scrub vigorously to lather the shampoo.
This creates new tangles and negates the detangling that was done before the wash. New tangles, mean more detangling to wet hair which is likely to damage and break hair.
DO put shampoo in your palms, rub together and then place it on your scalp and work down to the hair ends in one sweeping motion.
This allows for the shampoo to be spread more evenly through the hair and scalp and thus allowing for a cleaner wash. For African hair types that tend to collect more dirt and oils, a more vigorous shampoo job might be needed. Stick to the basic idea, scrub and wash the hair in one motion, following the same direction all the time. This reduces the possibility of creating new tangles in the hair.
DO if you can wash your hair with warm water.
The temperature of water affects the hair shaft. Warm water opens the hair shaft, which allows you to properly clean out all the oils and dirt.
DO final rinse your hair with cold water.
Just as warm water opens up the hair shaft, cold water seals it back up and provides an additional shine and sheen to your hair. So when you’re just about done with your hair washing process, rinse out your conditioner with cold water.
DO dry your hair by squeezing with the towel.
Rubbing a towel across your hair and head can pull on your hair and cause tension that can break hair and even cause new tangles. Squeezing your hair dry reduces the strain you put on it.


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