Natural Spotlight: Carol

Recently, I had the privilege of interviewing a young woman I first met early in my natural hair journey. An undergraduate university student at the time, Carol Milambo impressed me with how comfortable she was with her natural hair.

I was inspired and motivated to also learn how to style and manage my own hair, effortlessly. Or rather, with some level of skill and expertise. So, I was excited that she would end up being our very first ZedHair interview — and my first attempt at a photo shoot.

When did you first go natural?
At first, I was natural at school. I was reluctant to relax my hair because I liked it natural and it was really healthy and nice. Then, I reached a point where it wasn’t growing as much as before, so my friends influenced me to relax it. I finished high school in 2003. I relaxed it in 2004. I had a fear of relaxing because people had all these bad hair stories. Initially, my hair was beautiful. I had just relaxed it and for the first few years, it was still fresh and healthy.

Then, I had a horrible experience in 2008 during my 3rd year at university. I went home during the vacation and realised I was overdue for a relaxer. The lady attending to me in the salon had a visitor and she was distracted. I kept telling her to wash it out, but she kept saying, “a few more minutes, a few more minutes”. When she finally rinsed out the relaxer, my hair fell out around the temples. I went home and that’s when the hair nightmares started. My hair line disappeared. I felt I was owed an apology. As time went by, my hair was thinning and falling out and this is when I made the decision never to relax it again.

What has been your experience having natural hair this time around?

It’s been good. I trim it every time I unplait my hair. It has really grown more than it had ever grown before. I would like it to grow longer and get rid of the split ends.
What is your hair regimen?
I use Sulphur 8 spray for dandruff. The spray is really fantastic. I usually keep my hair weaved. I use coconut oil when I have my own hair.

How did you achieve the hairstyle in these pictures?
This is one of my favourite hairstyles and I always get a lot of compliments when I do it. Basically, when I take out my weave, I undo the cornrows, then wash my hair, but I don’t comb it. I just leave it like this for a few days. Then, later I wash and comb it as usual and do another style.



One response to “Natural Spotlight: Carol

  1. Now this is what I have been waiting for since this blog was set up – natural hair stories about Zambians living in Zambia. Thank you for this.


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