The Internet – A One Stop Shop For EVERYTHING!

My first introduction to the natural hair community were books. This was great because I had a chance to sit down and read up on all this information Then, I discovered the internet. There is SO MUCH information on here — and is probably the reason I had a mini-breakdown and fell into the Slough of Despond a while back.
The internet basically has everything you need:
  • Do you want to look at pictures?
  • Do you want how-to and step-by-step styling guides?
  • Would you like to make your own conditioner recipes? 
  • Do you want to read about someone else’s hair journey? 
  • Do you want to find out someone who went through the same problem you are going through with your hair? 
  • Do you need some scientific information to help you make a decision on something?
I can only encourage you to check things out for yourself. However, always keeping in mind that at the end of the day, you must pick out what works for you. Sift the information; cross check it where necessary and if you can; take out the good, leave the bad. Remember also that not everything will work exactly the same way on every person. It’s all about what will work for you.
Happy surfing…

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