Human Hair?

“Just because a bag of hair says “100% human hair”, does not mean that it is. Actually, industry standards only require that the hair be 10% human in order to be legally marked human hair. Always pull the hair out of the bag and run your fingers through it before making any purchase”. 

I don’t know why I was stunned when I read this on ehow. Sales and marketing executives will tell you whatever you want to hear in order to sell you something. And of course, I always did wonder how possible it is that there are enough Indian women in the world to supply all the ‘human’ hair extensions worn by women across the world. Let’s not forget that hair extensions are worn by all races, except that black women wear them on a more regular basis.

“Before adding a weave, always shampoo and condition your natural hair, as well as the weave you are about to add. This eliminates any chemical odors that may give-away the fact that the weave is not your natural hair”.

This makes perfect sense, and it actually says so on many instruction leaflets that many of us neglect to read. This also works for people with sensitive skin — chemicals may react with yours. Also, since many people avoid washing their hair when weaved (not a good idea if you want clean and healthy hair), so it is good to wash out the chemicals and get the weave as close to your own hair as possible. 

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