Have You Tried a Net Weave?

Many people have been surprised that I weaved my hair using a net. Now, people in America or other countries, this is probably a regular thing, but in Lusaka, it is still very new. There is only one shop in Lusaka that sells weave nets, and that is the one in Kabulonga.

A weave net, works in kind of similar fashion to a lace front wig, in that it must be secured to the hair. And when having my hair blown/curled at a salon (different from where I had my hair done), the stylist assumed it was a lace front and she just looked confused when I tried to explain that it wasn’t.

Anyway, the idea is the same as a regular weave, except that the hair is sewn onto the net, instead of your hair. So, after doing the mukule (cornrows), you secure the net to the hair. With a weave net, it doesn’t really matter what style your braid the cornrows in. You sew the net to the hair ins strategic places like the hair line and on the crown of the head. Then you weave the hair onto the net in the normal style. This is much faster than weaving onto your own hair as the needle passes through effortlessly.

When moisturising, use the same system of spraying through to the tracks/scalp as you would with a lace front.

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