How to Maintain a Weave

eHow is probably one of the most definitive how-to guides on the internet. I am currently trying out a homemade leave-in conditioner recipe I found on their site. I’ll give feedback once trials have run their course. I have shared it with a friend in order to have an independent assessor.

Getting back to weaving, eHow was the first place I went to in order to get more information about how to best maintain my weave. I didn’t only want to get information from friends who are experienced weave wearers. Most of what they said was contained in this article, although the information went much further actually gives you reasons why to do certain things and not others. Read it here: How to Maintain a Weave |

Or, you can check out this great ezine article on How to Maintain Your Own Hair Weave. Some highlights include:

1. Learn to brush your hair while holding the track close to the head with one hand. This prevents unnecessary pulling and tugging that will prematurely loosen the weave.
2. To maintain the bounce and shine, shampoo each week (never go longer than two weeks) and avoid alcohol based hair care products.
3. Thoroughly brush your hair before shampooing to remove all tangles, be sure to lift each track up and rinse out all residue buildup.
4. At bedtime wrap your hair in a silk or satin scarf. Cotton pillowcases and sheets may adversely affect the shine of your hair.

However, my favourite tip from the ezine article has to be this one:

“DON’T explain. When someone gives you a compliment – just say THANKS. Please do not explain that it’s a weave”. 

I love it. Great advice!

Check it out to read more great info.



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