Protective Style Challenge: Week 29; Grecian Twists



I was going to do a completely different look this week but I started playing around with my twists and liked this one so much better.

The style is another variation of the first hairstyle that I did during this challenge and its amazing how something as simple as the position of starting the flat twist can really alter the effect of the hairstyle.


Can you tell I really like how this one came out? I think it’s got a sort of elegant feel about it.


I didn’t necessarily part my hair in two but I did clip the back of the hair away so that it didn’t interfere with my twisting.


I started flat twisting at the right hand corner nape of my neck. I wanted a Grecian look and so had to awkwardly flat twist in a clockwise direction. I took a little bit of hair at a time, not more than 10 twists, and flat twisted all the way round to create a crown like shape. I tucked the end in using a pin.




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