Chunky Twist Out & Flat Twist Updo Protective Style

By Naomi of

Style overload 🙂

This post consists of three styles.

Style One: Some time last week I wore a chunky twist-out side puff. I sprayed each section with a mixture of rose water, leave-in conditioner and oil, then applied a small amount of shea butter and twisted. I made about six to eight two strand twists. The next day, I applied a small amount of oil to the twists and unraveled. I separated the hair from the roots to about an inch away from the ends of my hair. I brushed the back and left side of my hair towards the right, then tied a headband and manipulated it until I achieved the look I desired. I fluffed the hair using a wide tooth comb. Here is the finished look.


Style Two: So after wearing my hair out over the weekend, I decide to do a quick protective style for a week or two. I made a section in the middle front of my hair then twisted and pinned for styling later. I made four flat twists on each front side of my head almost meeting in the middle section of my head. I made about eight flat twists from the back in an upward direction to meet at the center of my head, together with the rest of the flat twists. I then tucked and pinned the twists. I made small two strand twists with the front middle hair i had put away earlier and then tucked and pinned the twists.


Style Three: Next day, I unraveled the two strand twists because I was going on kinksntwists marketing business 🙂. I re-twisted hair in the evening. Clearly, I love wearing my hair up; puffs are my aboluste favorites and now this one.


I love it style.

Happy Tuesday.


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